Browndale Fire Co. 
Fire Station 43 
Standard Operating Guidelines 

Date of issue: 12-01-08
Effective date:   12-01-08
Developed By: Ronald W. Richards, Assistant Fire Chief
Issued by authority of:  David M. Richards, Fire Chief
                                         David M. Richards
High Visibility Vests
# 100-08-02

I. Purpose

The purpose of the regulations in this part is to decrease the likelihood of worker fatalities or injuries caused by motor vehicles, construction vehicles, and equipment while working within the right-of-way on Federal-aid highways. Each member is expected to know, understand and operate according to this guideline as each situation arises. 

II.  Scope

This policy affects all fire station 43 personnel who participate in department operations.

III. Responsibilities

It shall be the responsibility of the officers to implement this operating 

It shall be the responsibility of the officers to train members in the application of this guideline. 

It shall be the responsibility of each member to know, understand and use this guideline as it applies to the situation at hand. Each member will use good judgment in the use of this guideline. 

IV.   Background information

This procedure focuses in minimizing injury to personnel who must work in or near roadways, often under adverse conditions. The requirement for personnel to wear High Visibility Vest is a Federal Requirement.

V.  Definitions

VI. Procedures

1. Every riding position on all apparatus shall be equipped with a High-Visibility Vest which is compliant to current referenced standards.

2. At all roadway incidents, each member of the responding apparatus assigned to work at the incident shall wear a high-visibility vest over their outermost garment. The high-visibility vest should be donned prior to exiting the apparatus.

3. The High-Visibility vest shall be worn at all times while performing duties such as tree or other roadway hazards removal, traffic control, or any other duty which places the member near/in the roadway. 

VII.  Superseded Policy

 There is no superseded policy on this subject matter.

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