Browndale Fire Co. 
Fire Station 43 
Standard Operating Guidelines  
Date of Issue: 2-22-97 
Effective Date: 2-22-97 
Developed By: Earl Obelenus 
Issued by Authority of: Earl Obelenus, Fire Chief 

S.O.G.- 100-97-1 


To establish guidelines for fire department personnel when responding to alarms with their personal vehicles including the use of emergency lighting on the vehicle. 


This guideline effects all fire department personnel who respond in their personal vehicle to emergency calls for Browndale Fire Co. No.1. 


All fire department personnel who use their personal vehicle when responding to emergency calls have the responsibility to arrive in a safe manner. Once on scene they have the responsibility to position their vehicle in a manner that will not hinder emergency operations. 


It is imperative that all fire department personnel arrive safely to insure that the alarm assignment is fulfilled. Many times firefighters take unnecessary risks when responding to alarms in their private vehicles. In addition, many emergency operations have been hampered by fire department personnel inappropriately parking vehicles. 

1. When responding to alarms all firefighters must exercise care. Responding as a firefighter does not relieve the driver from the duty to drive with due regard to the safety of all persons, nor does it exempt the driver from complying with all PA. Stat vehicle codes. 

2.  The use of emergency lighting (BLUE LIGHTS) is optional. However, if the firefighter elects to use emergency lighting , it shall meet the following guidelines as per M.V. Code-#4572. 

A. The use of flashing or revolving blue lights only, with the exception of chief or assistant chiefs. 

B. No more than 2 (two) lights per vehicle. 

C. Lights must be operated by the driver from inside the vehicle 

D. Lights must be used only en route to or at the scene of an emergency call. 

E. Use of audible warning devices are prohibited on private vehicles except by the fire chief or assistant chiefs. 

F. Name of such personnel electing to use such lighting must have their name submitted to the nearest PA. State Police barracks on a list signed by the fire chief or his designee. The light shall be removed from the vehicle within 7 (seven) days receipt of notice from the fire chief upon termination of the personís status as a member of the Browndale Fire Co. No.1 or when the vehicle is no longer used by that individual to respond to alarms. 

G. This is a courtesy light only. Please be patient with other motorists. 

H. All personnel are encouraged to respond directly to the station to ensure that the apparatus riding positions are filled and that the officer has a measurement of available personnel.

3. Personnel may go directly to scene if the incident has occurred within their route to the station. 

4.  When parking at the scene, no private vehicle shall be parked within 100 feet of the incident nor shall it  be positioned as to restrict the normal flow of traffic. 
5. Due to the length of some emergencies, do not park in a manner which would block a public or private  driveway without appropriate consent. 

6. Avoid parking in such a manner that would restrict access to fire hydrants, exposures that would potentially restrict the mobility of emergency vehicles. 
7. After arriving on scene, all personnel MUST report To the incident commander to receive job assignment and to drop off accountability tag. 


This is a new guideline on this subject and does not supersede any previous memo or guideline on this subject. 

Reviewed- 7-01-07

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