Browndale Fire Co. 
Fire Station 43 
Standard Operating Guidelines 

Date of Issue: 3-11-97 
Effective Date: 4-1-97 
Developed By: Earl Obelenus 
Issued by Authority of: Earl Obelenus, Fire Chief 

S.O.G. 200-97-1 


To define the category of calls referred to as “Public Service Calls” and to establish guidelines for handling such calls. 


All fire department personnel. 


All fireground officers 


Often the fire service is called upon to assist the public or other agencies in various capacities. Public assistance provides good public relations if handled properly and efficiently. 

Public service calls are those that are considered non-emergency in nature nor life threatening. They include, but are not limited to pumping out basements, removal of an animal from a tree or assist the public, etc. 


1. All public service calls will be considered as non-emergency calls. Warning devices such as red lights, sirens and air horns will not be used. 

2. As per safety S.O.G. 300-97-1, personnel riding the apparatus will follow the standard operating guideline. While the call is non-emergency in nature, it is possible that while on the public service call an emergency call may be received and protective gear will be essential. 

3. A minimum amount of personnel 2 (two) should be used to complete the call. If a sufficient number is not available, pagers may be activated to get the needed personnel response. Often, public serice calls are pre-arranged and sufficient personnel are at the station to handle the request. Communications S.O.G. 700-97-1 will be followed to notify the county communications center of apparatus location and status. 

4. Browndale Fire Company DOES NOT fill swimming pools. Therefore, such a request for public assistance will be courteously denied and alternatives explained to the party involved. 

5. Any equipment utilized in the operations will be cleaned, maintained and inspected. 

6. The service call will be properly logged in the Incident Response Book at the station. 


This is a new guideline on this subject matter and does not supersede any previous memo or guideline on this matter. 

Reviewed- 7-01-07

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