Browndale Fire Co. 
Fire Station 43 
Standard Operating Guidelines 

S.O.G. 400-11-02 
Resident Intern Program 

The purpose of this SOG is to distinguish duties, obligations, and accomodations to those wishing to participate in the resident intern program. Each member wishing to participate in this program must abide by the rules, regulations and conditions below.

Any member granted resident intern status will follow this SOG. 

The Administrative Lt. will administer this program. He/she may delegate specific duties contained within this program to various operational or administrative officers. The Administrative Lt. will appoint a “resident intern” proctor who will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of this program.


A request for “Resident Intern Status” will be completed by the requesting individual and forwarded to the Administrative Lt. for review. The Administrative Lt. will conduct an interview with the applicant requesting resident intern status, along with a minimum of one operations officer and the resident intern proctor.

Upon completion of the interview, the interview panel will make a recommendation in favor or against the applicant.  
All necessary documentation will be completed as directed by the Administrative Lt. or designee.

The demands of today’s fire service have required fire departments to develop creative staffing solutions to insure response. The resident intern program creates a “win-win” for the fire station and the live in member. The fire station attains personnel who are available to respond and fulfill other company responsibilities. In return, the resident intern is afforded living accommodations at a minimal cost ($20 per month). This program is not new to the fire service. This model has been used nationwide with great results, often attracting new members who would not ordinarily have been available to respond.

The resident intern applicant must be at least 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or GED, a valid driver’s license with acceptable driving record. 

A resident intern is a probationary member if you are not currently a member of Station 43. 
Priority consideration for resident intern status will be given to current Station 43 active members and applying members with prior documented emergency services training. 

The resident intern applicant will complete the Station 43 probationary membership program and will obtain a PA Firefighter I designation within one year. 

The applicant must be in school full time, working full time or working part-time and attending school. 
Resident interns will be provided living accommodations and other lodging amenities (i.e. washer dryer, internet access and phone).  The resident intern, in return, will fill on-duty station shifts. 

Resident interns are required to fill 4 shifts per week of 8 hours each.

Scheduling of shifts will be coordinated with the Administrative Lt and recorded on I AM Responding. Unless otherwise arranged, there must be a break of at least 8 hours between shifts. At least one of the shifts during a 7 day period will occur during the timeframe of 08:00-20:00.  During your scheduled shift, you may be assigned a station duty or project.

Resident interns will comply with the station rules guideline 400-06-01 related to station duties, cleaning and other responsibilities.

Meetings, weekly inspections, and special events such as fundraisers must also be attended. 

You will be provided with a bed, pillow, sheet and blanket. There will also be a locker provided for your possessions. Bathrooms and shower is also provided. All cleaning supplies will be provided for cleaning.
Resident interns are provided one (1) Class C tee-shirt for station events. Other apparel will be available for purchase. You will follow the department’s Uniform Policy.

A fully working kitchen will be at your disposal for cooking. Parking, local telephone, cable television, and laundry facilities are also provided.

Utilities                                                                                                                                                                                                         All utilities will be paid for by the station. However, your monthly donation of $20 will help pay for part of this and other accommodations. 

Turnout Gear                                                                                                                                           

All protective gear will be provided by the station. All gear must be left inside your assigned locker. You are responsible for all gear and equipment presented to you. If in any case your gear is damaged or lost, notify your officer. 

Emergency Responses
All safety and protective gear must be worn for every response.  You must abide by all SOG’s, by-laws, and orders.  Failure to do so will lead to a warning, suspension or termination. 

This is a new SOG on this subject matter.

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