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I Am Responding
S.O.G.- 500-10-01
Browndale Fire Company No.1 
Fire Station 43 
Standard Operating Guidelines 

Date of Issue: 1/4/2010                                                                                                       
Effective Date:  1/14/2010                                                                                                
Issued by Authority of: Ronald W. Richards 

Ronald W. Richards
I Am Responding 

S.O.G. 500-10-1 

To provide a standard operating guideline for the use of the I AM RESPONDING program.

This SOG is applicable to all fire department response personnel. 

Officers are tasked with providing a safe response to emergencies with adequate staffing to allow the company to complete its objective(s) safely. Knowing staffing is available prior to an emergency allows the officer to be proactive in problem solving staffing issues. Firefighters who make up staffing as part of a company can complete their tasks in a safe manner with adequate staffing. Officers and firefighters will utilize the IMRESPONDING application to allow for appropriate actions to insure adequate staffing.

IamResponding.com immediately shows who is available to respond to your calls and when they will be responding.  This saves critical time for fire departments when responding to emergencies. 
After dispatch response personnel who are available to respond to an emergency incident simply press one button on any telephone, and any Internet connected computer or mobile phone instantly displaying who is responding to your incident, their qualifications, and when they are responding.

With IamResponding.com, officers will:

Know immediately if you have a full crew on the way, or if you need to page additional personnel;
Stop waiting for members who are not on their way, and stop leaving the station just as others are coming around the corner; and
Know who is responding to the station.

With IamResponding.com, you will know immediately who else is en route, where they are going, and when they will be there.  With this information, you can make informed decisions about whether to wait for others who are still on their way.  In many situations, waiting another 20 or 30 seconds for others that you know are on the way can result in having a more complete, better equipped crew for your emergency response. 

IamResponding.com includes many other features, including: an instant mass-messaging system for enhanced communications within your department or team; web-based scheduling; apparatus status tracking and expiration date tracking.

1.  All response personnel will provide necessary information to the Assistant Chief to be included in the IAMRESPONDING database. Once this information is received, an email will be sent confirming the receipt of this information.

2. Group or individual training will be provided for all response personnel allow for responders to demonstrate an understanding of all the feature of the IAMRESPONDING program. All response personnel will attend the training.
3. All responders will utilize the IAMRESPONDING program to acknowledge response or the unavailability to respond.

4. Officers will utilize the IAMRESPONDING program to convey information such as training announcements, need for staffing or other short correspondence using the TEXT mail and email features.

5. Staffing schedules will be maintained on an ongoing basis to allow all to know who is available, unavailable. Response personnel will have access permission to the IAMREPSONDING to update availability calendars on a day to day basis or those who have predictable schedule, can show there availability.
For example, if a member is at home or work and knows that he can respond to any incident during the next 7 hours he can log in and put themself "on duty" for the next 7 hours.  A member who will be out of town or simply unavailable can schedule themselves as "out of service" for "X" hours or days.  This enables officers to be able to assess their available manpower resources at any time.

6. Following an incident, the OIC will retain the IAMRESPONDING information, attaching to the incident report. Once complete, the IAMRESPONDING response screen can be cleared.

7. This pilot program and standard operating guideline will be reviewed and evaluated 45 days after its effective date.

This is a new guideline on this subject matter. 

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