SOG 500-10-03
Date of Issue: 08/3/2010 
Effective Date: 08/3/2010 
Developed By: Ronald W. Richards, Fire Chief    Ronald W. Richards 

Engine Company Riding Assignments 

To establish a standard operating guideline for personnel when riding apparatus (43 Engine) and to pre-determine job assignments upon arrival. The goal of the engine company is to place one hoseline in operation with a water supply insured as required.

This guideline affects all Station 43 personnel who respond to emergency calls. 

Company officers are responsible for supervising fire ground operations and the supervision of personnel under their command by maintaining crew integrity. All firefighters are responsible to understand each assigned riding assignment and perform the duties assigned to that position.

It is imperative to have harmony when arriving on the fire ground. Fire officers are too labored with responsibilities to permit individual assignment of tasks. This system is designed to eliminate confusion for the officer and firefighters on the first arriving apparatus. Responsibilities are specific. If followed, teamwork is evident, if not, chaos exists. 

The following procedures are based on the availability of personnel. The basic response is dependent on three (3) firefighters. If additional personnel are present, they will assume the positions in sequence. The officer in charge may deviate from these procedures as circumstances may dictate. 

The riding assignments are follows for Engine 43: 

1. CHAUFFER:  Safely drives and positions the apparatus on the fire ground. Upon arrival, he engages the pump and develops a booster tank operation. A steady water supply shall be acquired as soon as possible by connecting the supply line (5”) to the intake. Communications shall be established with the officer and second arriving engine to a water supply. The generator shall be started if required. He will assist, if required, on exterior operations if requested by the officer. 

2. OFFICER: Responsible for managing crew resources and determining initial apparatus placement. On arrival, the officer will  transmit a size-up report,  establish command or pass command. The officer will assist in the advancement of the first attack line and/or perform forcible entry. He should be positioned on the fire floor unless immediate control is not attained. Equipment--- SCBA, radio, hand-light, Irons tool. 

3. NOZZLEMAN: Dons SCBA immediately and advances an attack line.  A line not smaller than 1 ¾” shall be used. If only 3 firefighters are available, this position will be responsible for the layout of the supply line. Once the hydrant wrap is made, the firefighter will re-mount the apparatus and continue to the fire scene to carry out duties. Equipment--- SCBA, hand-light, hose line with nozzle, radio. 
4. BACK UP MAN: Dons SCBA, assists the nozzleman in advancing the hoseline, assisting with hoseline management.  Equipment--- SCBA, handlight, Hoseline, Radio

5. CONTROL MAN: Dons SCBA, assists the backup man and  nozzleman in advancing the hoseline, assisting with hoseline management. This position insures all the hose is out of the bed (preconnected line) and move hose as close as possible ( forward) to the fire building. Equipment--- SCBA, handlight, Hoseline, Radio

6. LAYOUT: This position is responsible for the supply line layout. Adapters and appliances are located on the engine’s tailboard (hydrant bag) shall be removed to make the hydrant connection. The layout position will radio the chauffer to coordinate opening of the hydrant. Once the water is flowing, proceed to the fire ground to assist with hose line management. Equipment--- hand-light, hydrant  bag, radio. 

This guideline supersedes memo Engine Riding positions 500-09-01 Engine43 issued in 2/16/2009

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