SOG 600-10-01

Date of Issue:  01/25/2010                                                                                                       
Effective Date: 01/25/2010                                                                                                                                  Issued by Authority of:  
Ronald W. Richards, FireChief                                                                                                                      
Ronald W. Richards

Out-service training requests, documentation of training 

To provide a standard operating guideline for requesting approval to attend out-service training, required documentation of all in-service and out service training records

This SOG is applicable to all fire department response personnel. 

Approval for out- service training will be the responsibility of the Assistant Fire Chief.
Documentation for all in-service training will be the responsibility of the officer coordinating or delivering the training.

The Administrative Lt. will be responsible for review all documentation demonstrating completion of training. This documentation will be retained indefinitely.

All personnel are responsible for completing request for out service training in timely manner indicating how or why the training will benefit them as individuals or the department. A copy of training certificates shall be provided to the Administrative Lt upon completion of training.

Training is the backbone of any organization. Station 43 encourages all personnel to broaden their horizons by availing themselves to in-service and out- service training. Within the financial means of the fire company and its Relief Association, training will be funded based on the training priorities set forth by the leadership of the organization.

1.  All requests for out-service training will be directed to the Assistant Fire Chief. This request can be made by way of email or completion of registration materials. These requests should be made in a timely manner to allow for a review of the request.

2. The Assistant Chief will inform the individual requesting approval or disapproval for out service training in writing. Operational officers will be carbon copied.

3. Individuals approved for out service training will be responsible for making necessary registration confirmations.

4. Upon completion of training, a copy of the certificate will be place in the inside folder of the training log book located in the watch room. 

5. The Administrative Lt. will document the training in the log book’s out-service training section.  The certificate will be filed in the individual’s personnel file located in the administrative office.

5. All in-service training (training conducted at Station 43 or by Station 43) will be documented on a training log sheet (attachment A).  Individuals attending the training will sign the sheet documenting their attendance. The officer or instructor delivering the training will insure this task in completed prior to the completion of the training exercise.

6. The Administrative Lt. will tabulate all in-service and out-service training, completing an annual training report, forwarding it to the Assistant Chief for review, approval and distribution.

This is a new guideline on this subject matter. 

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