Browndale Fire Company 
Fire Station 43 
Standard Operating Guideline 

Firefighter Platoon System 
S.O.G. 600-07-01

Developed By: Ronald Richards, Assistant Chief for Operations 
Issued by: David M. Richards, Fire Chief    David M. Richards 

Date of Issue: 9/13/2007
Effective date: 9/18/2007 


To establish a procedure to insure effective span of control for non-emergency activities. 


This guideline is applicable to all emergency service personnel who respond to emergency incidents. 


The fire chief is responsible to insure the safety of all fire department personnel. 

Fire ground officers are responsible to carry out tactical operations. These operations must always be performed with first considering the safety and welfare of fire department personnel. The safety officer is responsible for fire ground safety during emergency incidents. 

Firefighters are responsible to adhere to the procedures established within this guideline. 


There are various activities that are preformed on a cyclical basis, including but not limited to, equipment and apparatus testing and inspections, various station duties, special projects and events that must be accomplished. By establishing a platoon system, suppression staff is assigned to company officers to be drawn upon to perform these duties as assigned.


1. All suppression personnel, expect officers of the rank of Chief, Assistant Chief  for Operations, and the Captain, will be assigned to a platoon.
2. There will be two platoons. Platoon A will be overseen by the Lieutenant Platoon B will be overseen by the Sergeant.. The Sergeant and the Lieutenant, within the chain of command report to the Station Captain.

3. All activities related to Ladder 43 are the responsibility of the Sergeant. The Lieutenant is responsible for activities related Engine 43 and Car 43. Activities include maintenance, inspection, testing, cleaning and trained related to the above.

4. As required, the Sergeant. and the Lieutenant will insure all documentation is completed as required for all activities.

5. The Sergeant and the Lieutenant will have the latitude to use platoon personnel to perform scheduled or ad hoc activities as required. These officers will use personnel within his platoon unless extenuating circumstances require personnel from the other platoon. This request will be made by insuring the officer is aware of the request.

6. The Sergeant and the Lieutenant have ultimate responsibilities for their apparatus and their personnel. Issues that arise will be shared within the chain of command.

7. The Sergeant and Lieutenant may be required to perform performance reviews on personnel assigned with each platoon.

8. Firefighters will direct any issues, disputes, concerns or other matter to his/her platoon officer.


This guideline replaces 700-97-2 Cleaning, Maintaining and Inspecting of Portable and Mobile Equipment

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