Browndale Fire Co. 
Fire Station 43 
Standard Operating Guidelines 

Date of Issue: 9-1-99
Effective Date: 10-1-99
Developed By: Earl Obelenus
Issued by Authority of: Earl Obelenus, Fire Chief

S.O.G. 800-99-1
Support of police agencies during speial operations


This is a guideline to assist Browndale Fire Company personnel in making decisions to support police agencies during special operations.


The Browndale Fire Company’s role in supporting police operations is to:

A. Provide special assets and equipment managed by the fire company.

B. Provide fire suppression services.

C. Assist with hazardous materials identification, containment and advice on disposal.

D. The Browndale Fire Company, when assisting police, will not involve personnel in active danger areas. Personnel and apparatus are to be staged in cleared or safe areas.


He responding fire officer will report to the IC to determine what type of assistance they are to provide. This can include equipment requests, safe staging areas determine fire or explosive potentials and hazmat potentials.


1. Responding apparatus responding to active police actions will stage in a safe staging area.

2. Equipment delivery such as fans, ladders, SCBA’s forcible entry tools, etc. may be requested for use in police operations. The fire company role is to deliver the equipment to a safe staging area near the incident and instruct law enforcement officers in its use for deployment within the danger areas.

3. Hazmat response will consist of fire personnel providing materials identification using the “North American Emergency Response Guidebook” wit recommendations for safe zones, hot zones, evacuation distances, etc. Also provide information to contact hazardous materials clean-up teams.

4. Fire suppression will only be done when law enforcement verify the area is secure and safe for suppression to be done.

5. Communications will be minimized to prevent citizens, news media and felons access to any police agency tactical operations. Landline telephone communications or (if necessary) cellular telephone be used.

6. The Browndale Fire Company will not provide uniforms, bunker gear, apparatus or equipment to law enforcement agencies, where the intent is to mislead a suspect into identifying a law officer as a firefighter.


This is a new guideline on this subject matter. It does not supersede any memo or guideline.

Reviewed: 7-01-07

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