Browndale Fire Company 
Fire Station 43 
Standard Operating Guideline 

Date of Issue:  May 9, 2006 
Effective Date: May 9, 2006 
Issued by Authority of: David M. Richards, Fire Chief 

SOG: 900-06-1


The Internet provides a source of information that can benefit every professional discipline represented in the Browndale Fire Company. It is our policy that members whose job performance can be enhanced through use of the Internet be provided access and become proficient in its capabilities. This policy document delineates acceptable use of the Internet while using company-owned or -leased equipment, facilities, Internet addresses, or domain names. 


The Internet is comprised of thousands of interconnected networks which provide digital pathways to millions of information sites. Because these networks subscribe to a common set of standards and protocols, users have worldwide access to Internet hosts and their associated applications and databases. Electronic search and retrieval tools permit users to gather information and data from a multitude of sources and to communicate with other Internet users who have related interests. 

Access to the Internet provides government agencies with the opportunity to locate and use current and historical data from multiple sources worldwide in their decision-making processes. Members are encouraged to develop the skills necessary to effectively utilize these tools in the performance of their duties. 
Scope of the Policy 

This policy applies to Internet access only. 

The following Internet users are covered by this policy: 

1. Members of the Browndale Fire Company. 

2. Visitors who may access the Internet via the fire company’s computer network. 

This policy applies to Internet access when using fire company equipment and facilities, and performed using Internet Protocol addresses and domain names registered to the fire company. 


The Browndale Fire Company promotes Internet use that enables members to perform missions and encourages its members to develop Internet skills and knowledge. If an member's supervisor determines that Internet access is in the best interest of the fire company, the member will be permitted, within the limits set forth below, to use the Internet on personal time to build his/her network search and retrieval skills. Users are advised not to use the Internet for any purpose which would reflect negatively on the fire company. 

The following uses of the Internet are not allowed: 

1. Access, retrieve, or print text and graphics information which exceeds the bounds of generally accepted standards of good taste and ethics. This includes pornography, child pornography or any other sexually explicit websites.

2. Engage in any unlawful activities or any other activities which would in any way bring discredit on the fire department. 

3. Engage in any activity which would compromise the security of any fire company computer. Host log-in passwords will not be disclosed or shared with other users. 

User Responsibilities 

Users are responsible for: 

1. Following existing security policies and procedures in their use of Internet services and will refrain from any practices which might jeopardize the company’s computer systems and data files, including but not limited to virus attacks, when downloading files from the Internet. 

2. Learning about Internet etiquette, customs, and courtesies, including those procedures and guidelines to be followed when using remote computer services and transferring files from other computers. 

3.  Familiarizing themselves with any special requirements for accessing, protecting, and utilizing data, including Privacy Act materials, copyrighted materials, and procurement sensitive data. 

4. Conducting themselves in a way that reflects positively on the fire company since they are identified as Departmental employees on the Internet even though they may be using the Internet for personal reasons, as stated above. 

5.  Individuals using fire company to access the Internet are subject to having activities monitored by system or security personnel. Use of this system constitutes consent to security monitoring, and employees should remember that most sessions are not private. 

Superceded policy 
This is a new policy on this subject matter. 

REVIEWED: 07/01/2007

Internet Acceptable Use Policy 
Member Agreement 

Name: ____________________________________________________________ 
Address _______________________________________________________________ 

I accept responsibility to abide by the Browndale Fire Company’s Internet Access policy and procedures as stated in this agreement. I understand that the use of the Internet and access to it is a privilege not a right, and I agree: 

- to use the Internet for appropriate educational purposes and research; 

- to be considerate of other users on the Internet and use appropriate language; 

- not to intentionally degrade or disrupt Internet services or equipment. (This includes but is not limited to tampering with computer hardware or software, vandalizing data, invoking computer viruses, attempting to gain access to restricted or unauthorized network services, or violating copyright laws); 

- to immediately report any security problems or breeches of these responsibilities to appropriate staff; 

- to comply with all of the rules and expectations , administrative procedure, and Internet Etiquette; and 

- not to divulge personal information such as addresses and telephone numbers over the Internet. 

I understand that I have no right to privacy when I use the Browndale Fire Company’s Internet, and I consent to staff monitoring of my communications. 
I also understand that any conduct that is in conflict with these responsibilities is inappropriate and may result in termination of Internet access and possible disciplinary action. 

Member’s Name: (please print)  ______________________________________ 
Signature: ______________________________   Date: __________________ 

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