Browndale Fire Company 
Fire Station 43 
Standard Operating Guideline

Date of Issue: 9-1-99
Effective Date: 10-1-99
Developed By: Earl Obelenus
Issued by Authority of: Earl Obelenus, Fire Chief

S.O.G. 900-99-2


The purpose of this guideline is to establish procedures for disciplinary action.


This guideline effects all Browndale Fire Company members.


It is the responsibility of all members of the Browndale Fire Company to follow the companyís by-laws and S.O.G.ís.

It is he responsibility of all officers to follow the companyís by-laws and S.O.G.ís and to insure that all members follow those same by-laws and S.O.G.ís.

In order to carry out the mission statement of the company, it is imperative that all company personnel follow the companyís by-laws, S.O.G.ís and the companyís chain of command when dealing with emergency and non-emergency activities. When a personnel problems arises, the following steps will be followed.


1. When a personnel problem arises, an officer in charge will speak to the violator in private. The officer will speak precisely about what action(s) have created a deficiency and suggest how the individual should correct the deficiency. After the conference is over, a handwritten note will be placed in the memberís file listing the date, time and basic context of the conference.

2. If the individual continues the infraction or a more serious violation occurs, another private conference will be held. Immediately following the conference, a written notice of deficiencies and the expected improvements required will be provided to the individual and a copy of the same will be placed in his/her file This file note will remain for a six (6) month period at which time it will be removed if the individualís performance ha improved or has remained satisfactory.

3. If steps 1 and 2 fail to correct the problem, or if a more serious violation occurs, the officer will prepare written charges outlining the infractions and previous efforts to correct them. One copy will be forwarded to the members of the board of trustees, the president and the fire chief.

4. An officer may invoke a suspension at the 2 and 3 step. Suspensions should be proportionate to the offense and discipline shall be progressive in nature.

5. The president, fire chief or line officer will have the authority to authorize an initial suspension for improper conduct. The suspension will not exceed 72 hours. It will be reviewed by the president, fire chief and a member of  the board of trustees during this time.

6. Any member on suspension is prohibited from responding to calls, riding the apparatus, attending any company activities and will not be allowed on fire company property.

7. Officers may invoke a work project instead of suspension when deemed appropriate. Any work assignment must be completed in a specific time frame.

8. Any member receiving three (3) suspensions in a twelve (12) month period may be subject to dismissal from the Browndale Fire Company. The member will be required to attend a disciplinary hearing at which time the actins of the individual will be reviewed. The review board will be appointed by the president and will consist of five (5) individuals, two (2) of which will be fire officers, one (1) trustee and two (2) active members.

A. Written results of the hearing will be given to the president, fire chief, five (5) review board members, secretary, member involved and a copy to be placed in the members personnel file.

9. Any activities which are deemed to be criminal in nature will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement agency for appropriate action. Members charged with a crime unrelated to a fire company activity may be suspended. Suspensions will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the president, fire chief or his designee and a trustee. Members charged with criminal offenses related to fire company business or activities will result in an immediate and indefinite suspension from the company pending the outcome of the charges.

This is a new guideline on this subject matter. It does no supersede any memo or guideline.

Reviewed: 07-01-07

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