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Deputy Fire Chief Job Description

Under the supervision of the Fire Chief, plans, organizes, directs, and administers all operations of the fire department assigned to him/her by the Fire Chief within the authority delegated. Also, in the absence of the Fire Chief, the Deputy Fire Chief shall perform ALL applicable duties of the Fire Chief in a sufficient manner until arrival/return of the Fire Chief. 


Develops and coordinates plans for efficient and effective operations within his assigned areas. Makes recommendations to the Fire Chief relative to the long-term needs for maintaining, and improving effective operations within his assigned areas; 

Oversees the administration of his assigned areas; 

Annually recommends a proposed budget with respect to his area to the Fire Chief; 

Attends training programs oriented to the duties of the Deputy Fire Chief; 
Oversees and provides for departmental operations at all levels to ensure safe and effective operations; 

Provides for attendance/membership on all necessary associations, boards, committee's, etc. to insure department representation. 

Responds to emergency calls as necessary and may assume command and direct activities (in the absence of the fire chief) under the department's jurisdiction and authority. 


Thorough knowledge of modern firefighting methods and techniques and ability to apply this knowledge to various fire control and fire prevention problems; 

Thorough knowledge of the use and operation of a wide variety of firefighting equipment and apparatus; 

Ability to plan, assign, and coordinate the work of a group of employees engaged in fire prevention and fire control activities; 

Considerable knowledge of municipal fire administration; 

Ability to maintain discipline, to lead and command effectively, and direct firefighters and equipment under emergency conditions. 


Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent; 

Minimum of five (5) years of extensive experience in firefighting work of a progressively responsible nature with at least 2 years as a company level (Capt/ LT.) officer;  and 1 year at as a chief officer.

Must have and maintain a valid PA driverís license; 

Completion of  Essentials of Firefighting, Fire Officer training, Fire Service Management, Incident Command, NIMS, Hazardous Materials First Responder, CPR, Basic 1st Aid & AED Certified or equivalent training or education for aforementioned requirements.  

Responsible for all fire department operations and activities within his assigned areas, and in the absence of the Fire Chief; 

Maintain communication among subordinates; 

Establishment of goals, objectives, and priorities for the continued operation of the department within assigned areas; 

Delegate authority and responsibility for the achievement of his areas goals, objectives, and priorities; 

Enforce rules, regulations, codes, and ordinances adopted by the township; 
Required to attend certification classes and seminars outside of the immediate area, as well as pertinent board meetings; 

Ability to supervise subordinates, maintain discipline, direct training, and cooperate with other officers and employees; 

Ability to communicate verbally and in writing to superiors and the public in the form of presentations, reports, and training; 

Prepare and recommend a budget to achieve the goals and priorities of his area; 

Assist with determining and recommending the equipment necessary to execute the functions of the department; 

Assist with testing, interviewing, and determining eligible candidates for appointment to and promotions within the department; 

Assist in preparation of a master plan for future department operations; 
Ability to complete written reports of fires, medical emergencies, and inspections; 

Must complete a minimum of  30 hours of training per year. 


Hearing, seeing speaking; 

Walking, bending, stooping, kneeling, crouching and/or crawling. 

Can expect to be called at any time regardless of time or weather conditions. 


Reading, writing, communications; 

Having contact with persons experiencing adverse trauma; 

Having contact with residents and businesses regarding fire hazard violations; 

Ability to make decisions in emergency and pressure situations; 

Communicating verbally and in writing to superior officers; 

Ability to comprehend and complete tasks based on verbal and written objectives; 

Ability to work under pressure situations. 



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