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With the decision made to move ahead to construct a new fire station in 2005, the building committee took input for the officers and members for features for consideration in the new structure.

Major consideration was given to insure adequate space for apparatus. As a result, four apparatus bays, 60+ feet deep with 14’ high doors will allow the largest piece of fire apparatus built (58’) long to easily fit into quarters. The front of the station will feature a wide concrete apron that will allow for all apparatus to be pull out of the station.

On the first floor of the station consists of  day room, dining room, kitchen, a "watch" room, two storage areas and a mechanic's room that also contains a washer and dryer and a cascade system. Also featured on the first floor is a training room that can accommodate 50 students. This room  also serves a dual purpose as a meeting room.

The height of the structure allowed for the development of the second floor. The area directly above the first floor living area was fully utilized. This area includes a recreational area, a physical fitness arean, admistrative offices, a bunk room,  and a  locker room with  shower facilities.  The building has radiant heat flooring.  Living areas are air-conditioned.

One thing that is missing; a banquet hall. While the banquet hall served it's purpose for many years, changes in the public's demand for the facilities and a review cost/profit benefits made it clear to the membership that there would be no banquet hall in the facility. While the hall was often used for various fund raising activities, the building committee has explored other revenue generating options, NOT dependent on a banquet hall. The banquet hall was  sold in August 2007.

Relocation to the new station occurred on April 25, 2006.

Day 1  August, 17 2005
November 25, 2005
January 20, 2006 
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