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Lt. (Administrative) Job Description

Under the supervision of the Station Captain, plans, organizes, directs, and administers all administrative operations within the operations section of the fire company.


Coordination of National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS)

Provides quality control reviews of all documentation including but not limited to: Training records, apparatus and equipment inspections, incident reports, training records, personnel activities records and any other documentation maintained within the operations section of the fire company.

Assists in the preparation of all grants, application and related documentation as required.

Prepared various rosters for scheduling of events included but not limited to station staffing, maintenance scheduling and other station functions.

May serve as a PIO or aid to the OIC on any fire incident, with primary role of insuring appropriate documentation is maintained through out and following any emergency incident.

Assist in the development and coordination of Recruitment, Rentention & Cadet programs; 

Attends training programs oriented to the duties of a company officer; 


Thorough knowledge of modern firefighting methods and techniques and ability to apply this knowledge to various fire control and fire prevention problems; 

Thorough knowledge of the use and operation of a wide variety of firefighting equipment and apparatus; 

Ability to plan, assign, and coordinate the work of a group of employees 
Ability to maintain discipline, to lead and command effectively, and direct firefighters and equipment under emergency conditions. 


Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent; 

Minimum of three (3) years of extensive experience in firefighting work of a progressively responsible nature 

Must have and maintain a valid PA drivers license; 

Completion of  Essentials of Firefighting, RIT, Incident Command, Hazardous Materials First  Responder, CPR, Basic 1st Aid & AED Certified or equivalent training or education for aforementioned requirements.  


Maintain communication among subordinates; 

Required to attend certification classes and seminars outside of the immediate area, as well as pertinent board meetings; 

Ability to supervise subordinates, maintain discipline, and cooperate with other officers and employees; 

Ability to communicate verbally and in writing to superiors in the form of presentations, reports; 

Assist in preparation of a master plan for future department operations; 

Ability to complete written reports of fires, emergencies, and inspections; 

Must complete a minimum of twenty (30) hours of training per year; 


Hearing, seeing speaking; 

Walking, bending, stooping, kneeling, crouching and/or crawling. 

Can expect to be called at any time regardless of time or weather conditions. 

Able to endure heights and confined spaces; 

Able to endure extreme temperatures, heavy smoke conditions, chemical, physical, and mechanical hazards; 

Must have ability to lift/carry heavy equipment and objects, either alone or with the assistance of others. 


Reading, writing, communications; 

Having contact with persons experiencing adverse trauma; 

Ability to make decisions in emergency and pressure situations; 

Communicating verbally and in writing to superior officers; 

Ability to comprehend and complete tasks based on verbal and written objectives; 

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